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Due to the Covid 19 crisis, I am currently available to see clients online via TeleHealth. This is now covered by most insurance/ EAP carriers. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to set up a session.


Help for Problem Gambling


California Gambling Education and Treatment Services

Free Counseling is Available


CalGETS services are offered at no cost to problem gamblers and affected individuals (Parent, Spouse, Child, or Partner). As an authorized provider for the California Problem Gambling Treatment Service Program, I have been specifically trained to provide outpatient treatment services to problem gamblers and their loved ones. I will work with you or any member of your family affected, to help you succeed using proven strategies to motivate change, identify triggers and prevent relapse into destructive behaviors caused by gambling. Below you will find an Abridged Problem Gambling Screening.

Questions for the Problem Gambler:

1. Have you ever tried to cut down or control your gambling?

2. Have you ever lied to family members, friends or others about how much you gamble or how much money you lost gambling?

3. Have there ever been periods lasting 2 weeks or longer when you spent a lot of time thinking about your gambling experiences or planning out future gambling ventures or bets?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, please call 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537) or go to www.problemgambling.ca.gov for a no cost referral to my practice. All outpatient services will be fully reimbursed by the state.

Free counseling is also available for those affected by the problem gambler, even if the gambler is unwilling to get help. Please review some of the questions below:

1. Do you find yourself hiding money from the gambler to make sure there is enough money for necessities?

2. Does he/she promise to stop gambling, yet gambles again?

3. Are you loosing sleep over concerns related to the problem gamblers behavior?

For more information on how to obtain free treatment, please call 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537) or go www.problemgambling.ca.gov for a no cost referral to my practice.






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